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"Blessed is the MAN who makes the LORD his trust." (Psalm 40:4)

The men of Hayward Free Methodist Church established the MEN'S MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL on December 17, 2000. Its mission was to reach out aspiring ministerial candidates and students in the ministry who may need spiritual encouragement and most importantly financial support to complete their education.

MMI governing board is ready to assist those qualified candidates and provide financial support to those who are eligible. The local church and the foreign school will need to complete a Verification Form which validates the candidates identity and qualification.

The MMI organization has already had some significant achievements one of which is the Scholarship Program offered to qualified ministerial students in the Philippine Islands. The Philippines is the first recipient of this grant because there are many ministerial students there whose education have been stopped or placed on hold due to financial constraints. If this scholarship program proves successful -God willing, then we expect to expand this program with other countries as well.